Bundle Brushes 4 in 1 - texture brushes and canvases for Procreate

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Attention! Additional discounts and promo codes do NOT apply to this set.

This set of brushes is supplied under the license: "Commercial license for Procreate brushes/canvases" (this is a commercial license, you can draw any illustrations for commercial purposes)

This kit includes 4 sets of brushes and consists of 202 brushes and 10 texture canvases for Procreate.

Please read before buying what is included in each set to be sure that it suits you!

Follow the link to learn more about each product:

1. Tasty Brushes - https://polikarpovaart.com/shop/brushes_procreate_4

2. True Artist - https://polikarpovaart.com/shop/brushes_procreate_3

3. Funny Art - https://polikarpovaart.com/shop/brushes_procreate_2

4. Time of Magic - https://polikarpovaart.com/shop/brushes_procreate_1

Attention! This kit is only suitable for the Procreate program. Make sure your iOS is updated and you have the latest version of Procreate App - Procreate 5 and higher.


  • download the file and save it in the Files app on your iPad
  • click on the Zip archive (which appeared to you after saving the file), it will automatically unpack next to
  • click on each file in the Brushset and Canvas folders and they are imported into the Procreate application

Made with love ♥

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